Squid tube

Hi guys, today i want to share about Squid tube!. Squid tube - New gonatid squid tube

I came up with this color combination and really like the results. Sometimes when I experiment, the results are less than satisfying, but these turned out O.K. I can't wait to fish them when the salmon snag-fest is over in the river.

Tube: plastic or whatever 1" long
Tag: silver tinsel
Butt: fluorescent green
Tail: Dyed pink golden pheasant wing fibers
Body: spun in dubbing loop purple and then blue SLF
Hackle: Magenta saddle followed by dyed pink golden pheasant
Wing: blue and pink angel hair like stuff woodlander gave me, followed by light blue arctic fox, topped by black arctic fox

By Squid tube from The News Daily

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