Poptropica Steamworks Island and Fireworks

Hi guys, today i want to share about Poptropica Steamworks Island and Fireworks!. There are two big pieces of news this weekend on Poptropica. The first is that the official name for the new island that’s coming soon is Steamworks Island. The Creators posted about it on Friday in the main Poptropica blog. We don’t know much about it yet but there have been many posts with sneak peeks and screenshots with a few things that will appear on the island. The Creators didn’t say when it will be released but it will probably come out in early access for paid members very soon.

The second piece of news is that there are two new items in the Poptropica Store that you can buy in time for the Fourth of July holiday. The first one is Fireworks. When you buy these and put them on then you will carry one around. Then you press the spacebar to shoot it off into the sky. Do it where it’s night like on Spy Island or at the Pirate island in Skullduggery for the best effects. There’s another item also in the Poptropica store called Atomic Power. It makes you glow green with little green and yellow balls swirling around you. If you press the space bar, then you “explode” with a big green circle and any Poptropica citizens nearby also turn green.

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