Selasa, 06 Juli 2010

Poptropica New Island Has Awesome Stuff

Hi guys, today i want to share about Poptropica New Island Has Awesome Stuff. Hello there Poptropica Fans. I’ve been reading the Poptropica Blog this week and guess what? There’s going to be a brand-new island coming out soon. The creators are posting sketches and images all week and they look really awesome. So far here is what we’ve seen:

* Something called a multi-tool. It does stuff. Lots of different stuff.
* Dynomite. Maybe we get to blow stuff up!
* A vicious plant monster. Ewww.
* A rusty robot. He looks pretty cute.

The Multi Tool Looks Cool.

Except for the plant, it looks like most of the island is very mechanical. The creators said the multi-tool would be used for a lot of things, so maybe part of your quest is to fix a lot of machines on the island that have broken down and need repair. We won’t know for sure until the island is released. I hope they announce the dates on Friday when they reveal the island’s name!

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