Millsberry: Rules, Tips, Codes, Cheats and Millsberry Money Cheat

Millsberry is a virtual city run by General Mills as an integrated online environment and marketing tool. There are shops, homes, special events, and a gazette. New features are constantly being added. and today i want to share about Millsberry, ya Millsberry Rules, Answer, Tips, Codes, Cheats and Millsberry Money Cheat!.

Introduction Of Millsberry

Now I'm going to show you a video all about Millsberry.

Answer for Millsberry Science Competition

1.What is Mercury's most well-known feature? Caloris Basin
2.What is the point of the planet closest to the sun? Subsolar point
3.What planet is closest to Earth in size? Venus
4.What two moons orbit Mars? Phobos and Deimos
5.Saturn is famous for its_____. Set of over a thousand ring
6.Mercury's core is mostly made up of: Metal
7.A day on _____ is longer than the planet's year. Venus
8.On Mars, which polar cap is larger and colder? Northern
9.What is the cause of tremendous heat on Venus? The thick atmosphere and clouds
10.True or False: Mars has liquid water. False
11.Venus is named after the Roman goddess of _____. Love and Beauty
12.The reddish color of Mars comes from all the _____ in its soil. Iron
13.Jupiter is mostly made up of _____? Hydrogen and Helium
14.True or False: Jupiter has rings. True
15.True or false: Saturn rotates more quickly than Earth. True
16.Scientists think that Europa may have _____? An underground ocean
17.What planet has a density less than water? Saturn
18.Saturn takes _____ Earth years to orbit the sun. 29.5
19. What is Jupiter's most well-known feature? The Great Red Spot
20.The yellow bands on Saturn are formed by _____. Crystallized ammonia
21.Comets contain lots of _____. Ice
22._____ are often called "minor planets." Asteroids
23.The Great White Spot is a storm that lasts _____. A Month
24.What three planets rotate in the opposite direction of all the other planets? Venus, Uranus, and Pluto
25.The Milky Way is a _____ galaxy. Spiral
26.Comet tails are made mostly of _____. Gas
27.True or False: the Milky Way is the smallest galaxy in the Local Group. False
28.What is the closest planet to the sun? Mercury
29.When an asteroid is burning up in the Earth's atmosphere, it is called a _____. Meteor
30.A comet's tail points _____. Away from the sun
31.Our solar system is located in the Milky Way arm known as the _____ arm. Orion

Free Items in Millsberry

This guide is for newbies in millsberry.

Free Soccer Ball (once only!)
-Go to the Academy, Hallway, then Gym
-Click any of the soccer balls.
-Coach Danner tells you to have it to practice.

Free 4 surfboards (once only!)
-Play the game and finish three levels, You'll get them without sending your score, continue and get the trophy also without sending your score.

Free Sylvie the Sofa
-Play Wave Blaster and get a score of 1200+ and you'll get one.

Have fun getting them!

Powered by Poptropica and Millsberry.

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