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Squid tube

Hi guys, today i want to share about Squid tube!. Squid tube - New gonatid squid tube

I came up with this color combination and really like the results. Sometimes when I experiment, the results are less than satisfying, but these turned out O.K. I can't wait to fish them when the salmon snag-fest is over in the river.

Tube: plastic or whatever 1" long
Tag: silver tinsel
Butt: fluorescent green
Tail: Dyed pink golden pheasant wing fibers
Body: spun in dubbing loop purple and then blue SLF
Hackle: Magenta saddle followed by dyed pink golden pheasant
Wing: blue and pink angel hair like stuff woodlander gave me, followed by light blue arctic fox, topped by black arctic fox

By Squid tube from The News Daily
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Squid Magnetometer

Hi guys, today i want to share about Squid Magnetometer!. Squid Magnetometer that include at least two SQUID loops, each of which is composed of at least two Josephson Junctions connected in parallel with superconducting wires, are provided. The SQUID loops are fabricated such that they share a common Josephson Junction. Devices and application that employ the multiple SQUID magnetometers are also provided.


[0001] This invention relates generally to SQUID magnetometers that include multiple SQUID loops with a shared Josephson Junction and to methods and applications that make use of such magnetometers.


[0002] Magnetometers are devices used to measure magnetic fields. Magnetometers based on superconducting quantum interference devices (SQUIDs) are among the most sensitive devices for measuring small magnetic fields. A conventional DC SQUID consists of two parallel Josephson Junctions disposed along a superconducting loop. These devices convert magnetic flux threading the superconducting loop into a quantity (e.g., current or voltage) that may be measured by an associated electronic stage.

[0003] Recently, advances in the field of nanotechnology have driven the search for SQUID magnetometers capable of detecting magnetic flux changes associated with nanoscale molecules and objects. See John Gallop, Superconductor Science and Technology, 16, 1575-1582 (2003) and Ling Hao et al., Superconductor Science and Technology, 16, 1479-1482 (2003). In one instance, a SQUID loop smaller than 1 .mu.m has been used to measure the flipping of 1000 electron spins. See M. Jamet, W. Wernsdorfer, C. Thirion, D. Mailly, V. Dupuis, P. Melinon and A. Peres, Physical Review Letters, 86, 4676 (2001). Unfortunately, the sensitivity of SQUID magnetometers has been limited by the residual noise in these devices.

[0004] At low temperatures, the limiting noise is thought to be the circulating noise currents in the SQUID loop. These noise currents would prevent the noise energy in a SQUID from being smaller than /2, where h=2 .pi. is Planck's constant, as discussed in John Gallop, Superconductor Science and Technology, 16, 1575-1582 (2003) and Ling Hao et al., Superconductor Science and Technology, 16, 1479-1482 (2003). This means that a change in magnetic field associated with an energy change of 0.5.times.10.sup.-34 J is the minimum change that could be detected by a SQUID in a 1 Hz bandwidth. A bandwidth of 1 Hz corresponds approximately to a measurement time of 1 second. In practice that measurements longer than 1 second do not improve the sensitivity, as 1/f noise becomes larger.

[0005] In theory, an ideal SQUID magnetometer could be used to measure the change in magnetic field associated with a change in the nuclear spin of a single proton. In a strong magnetic field, the nuclear spin of a proton is in one of two states, separated by an energy difference of .DELTA.E=.gamma.B,

[0006] where B is the applied magnetic field and the proton has a gyromagnetic ratio of .gamma.=26.75.times.10.sup.7 rad.sup.-1 T.sup.-1. Increasing B increases the energy difference, .DELTA.E, but SQUIDs cannot function in magnetic fields that are too large. Niobium SQUIDs can be used at .about.0.01 T, where the energy difference of a proton spin flip is .DELTA.E=.apprxeq.2.7.times.10.sup.-28 J. See, for example, Tsuyoshi Tajima, Proceedings of 8.sup.th European Particle Accelerator Conference, http://apt.lanl.gov/documents/pdfLA-UR-02-3042.pdf; E. M. Forgan, S. J. Levett, P. G. Kealey, R. Cubitt, C. D. Dewhurst and D. Fort, Physical Review Letters, 88, 167003, 2002; and H. R. Kerchner, D. K. Christen and S. T. Sekula, Physical Review B, 21, 86 (1980). The highest coupling of a spin to the SQUID is achieved when the spin lies on the Josephson Junction. In this case, up to half of the magnetic flux is coupled, so the maximum energy detected by the SQUID as a result of the spin flip would fall to 1.3.times.10.sup.-28 J. Under these ideal conditions, a SQUID could be used to measure a single nuclear spin flip, with a signal to noise ratio (SNR) of >10.sup.6.

[0007] SQUIDs have been reported with a noise energy of 3 . See, for example, D. J. Van Harlingen, R. H. Koch and J. Clarke, App. Phys. Lett. 41, 197 (1982). However, a need exists for a SQUID magnetometer in which there is good coupling between the flux from a magnetic particle and the magnetometer. When this improved coupling is achieved, the need arises to increase the SQUID sensitivity further, for demanding applications such as single-molecule NMR.


[0008] The present invention provides SQUID magnetometers having increased sensitivity to changes in the magnetic fields associated with very small objects and, in particular, objects having dimensions smaller than the width of the semiconductor wires of their SQUID loops. Such objects include nanoscale objects, such as nanoparticles and biomolecules (e.g., proteins).

[0009] In their basic embodiment the SQUID magnetometers include at least two SQUID loops, each of which is composed of at least two Josephson Junctions connected in parallel with superconducting wires. The SQUID loops are fabricated to share a common Josephson Junction and superconducting wire. In this construction the circulating noise currents in each SQUID loop are different, but the loops can be synchronized such that the signal from an event along the common superconducting wire may be recorded at the same time by both loops. The correlated signal from the simultaneous measurements taken by both SQUID loops provides a measure of the magnetic field on this shared wire with a sensitivity that is much greater than the sensitivity provided by either SQUID loop operating independently. These devices may be used to study the magnetic properties of very small systems, particularly systems having dimensions smaller than the superconducting wires. In some embodiments, the multiple SQUID magnetometers may be used to measure the nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) of a single molecule, such as a protein. The ability to measure the magnetic properties of a single molecule or particle is important because it avoids complications due to distributions of particles shapes, sizes and orientations that are present in larger samples.

[0010] A number of variations may be developed from this basic construction. For example, in some embodiments the SQUID magnetometers may include a plurality of SQUID loops (e.g., three or more) with each SQUID loop sharing a common Josephson Junction and superconducting wire. In these embodiments the sensitivity of the correlated signal may be improved by adding additional SQUID loops. In some embodiments the SQUID loops will include three Josephson Junctions. In such embodiments, independent current biasing of the SQUID loops may be accomplished by applying a separate bias current to each SQUID loop.

[0011] In another embodiment the present invention provides an array of SQUID loops. In this array, each SQUID loop shares a common Josephson Junction and superconducting wire with each of its neighbouring SQUID loops in the array. By coupling a sample that acts as a qubit to each common Josephson Junction in the array, the array of SQUID loops may be used as quantum computer. This can be understood as follows: A molecule, such as an endohedral fullerene (e.g., N@C.sub.60--a nitrogen atom encapsulated in a C.sub.60 Buckyball), on a common Josephson Junction between two SQUID loops should behave as an electron-spin qubit. The spin state of the qubit may be initialized and subsequently manipulated with a magnetic field applied across the SQUID loops. Qubit manipulation would be controlled by the application of electromagnetic pulses. Finally the change in magnetic flux associated with the change in spin state may be measured with the SQUID magnetometer. Interactions mediated by the normal electrons in the superconductor may provide coupling between the qubits along the array and make it possible to scale the system up to a quantum computer.

[0012] Further objects, features and advantages of the invention will be apparent from the following detailed description when taken in conjunction with the accompanying drawings.


[0013] FIG. 1A is a circuit diagram showing the design of a double SQUID magnetometer. The noise is different for both SQUID loops, but the signal from a sample (represented by a small dark circle) on the common Josephson Junction is the same for both loops.

[0014] FIG. 1B is a circuit diagram showing the design of a double SQUID magnetometer with independent current biasing of each SQUID loop.

[0015] FIG. 2 is a schematic diagram showing the voltage measured by an event (e.g., a spin flip) generated by a sample coupled to the common Josephson Junction of the double SQUID magnetometer shown in FIG. 1. The upper signal represents the voltage measured across the first SQUID loop. The middle signal represents the voltage measured across the second SQUID loop. The lower signal represents the correlated signal, which may be found by adding or multiplying the voltage signals from the first and second SQUID loops.

[0016] FIG. 3A. is a circuit diagram showing the design of a four loop SQUID magnetometer.

[0017] FIG. 3B is a circuit diagram showing the design of a four loop SQUID magnetometer with independent current biasing of each SQUID loop.

[0018] FIG. 4A is a circuit diagram showing the design of a six loop SQUID magnetometer. (The non-superconducting wires and other circuitry are not shown for clarity.)

[0019] FIG. 4B is a circuit diagram showing the design of a six SQUID magnetometer adapted for independent current biasing of each SQUID loop. (The non-superconducting wires and other circuitry are not shown for clarity.)

[0020] FIG. 5. a) Flux lines of a magnetic dipole in free space. b) Flux can be trapped if the dipole is inside a bulk superconductor. c) A small hole in the superconductor may allow the flux to escape. The dipole is shown schematically in the centre of the hole, but it could be on the inner surface of the hole.

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Free Download Squid Guard

Hi guys, today i want to share about Free Download Squid Guard!. A web based management tool for the Squid Guard proxy filter. Manages requests to whitelist blocked sites. Developed using Django.

Free Download Squid Guard:

Get a Free Download Squid Guard Now - Current version: 1.4

New Features Squid Guard 1.4:
New Features:

* Added mysql support for authentication based on a patch from Chris Fletcher (thank you). Tested with MySQL 5.0. (bug 19)
* Added a runtime option to switch the progress bar and off.
The default behaviour of squidGuard has been switch back to showing no progress bar. To switch on the progress bar use the runtime option -b.
* Added a runtime option to prevent squidGuard from falling into emergeny mode when something with the update of the blacklists goes wrong (patch by Chris Pates and Iain Fothegill of the CLEO Systems at Lancaster University, thank you). If you use the runtime option -P and the creation of the db files fail, squidGuard simply writes an error message but continues. Make sure to test this option before using it in production environments.
* Rewrite of the sample script squidGuard.cgi. The language related part has been exported to babel files (one for each language) and the layout has been modified in a way that it is a bit more nice to the eyes and easier to change.
If you are going to use the new script make sure to either copy the babel files into your script directory or change the location of the babel files within squidGuard.cgi.
* Stopped downloading the documentation from www.squidguard.org. The docs are now updated with the package not by "calling home".
* Added Spanish translation to squidGuard.cgi (thank you, Samuel GarcĂ­a for the translation). (bug 26).

Changes to configure options:

* NEW: --with-mysql
Use MySQL support. Configure will look in /usr and /usr/local for the installation of MySQL.
* CHANGED: --with-nolog=yes
This replaces the old configure option "--nolog".
* CHANGED: --with-squiduser=
This replaces the old configure option "-u=" and "--squiduser=", respectively.

Bug Fixes:

* Reduced "noise" of progress bar.
* Moved output of the progress bar from stdout to stderr since squid was complaining about this "input". (bug 39)
* Fixed an issue with redirect statements that use a "˜" in the url. (bug 23)
* Fixed an issue with squidGuard craching when urls ended in "://". (bug40)
* Fixed issue with perl warnings about deprecated usage of hash syntax by rewriting squidGuard.cgi as stated above. (bug 37)
* Fixed the bypass vulnerability with trailing dots in domain names. This only affects squidGuard when used with squid version 3. (bug 38)
* Fixed issue that on some systems y.tab.c and y.tab.h were not properly created although bison was installed. Updated the prepared files as well. (bug 34)
* Fixed an issue with a forgotten check for the existance of the configuration directory: The "make install" command now tests if the directory of the configuration file exists. If it does not exist, the directory is created. (bug 35)
* Fixed an issue that the prepared flex file was not copied when flex is not installed. Now, if no flex/lex is found during the configure run, "make" checks again and copies the prepared file now fine. (bug 31)
* Fixed configure.in to give the proper configure file when running autoconf. As a result the syntax of a couple of configure options had to be changed (see above).
* Fixed broken "make test". (bug 17)

Available patches for Squid Guard version 1.4:

* Patch-20091015: Fixes a buffer overflow problem and prevents squidGuard from going into emergency mode when overlong URLs are encountered (they can be perfectly legal). See the Readme file for details about applying the patch.
* Patch-20091019: Fixes two bypass problems with URLs having a length closed to the defined MAX_BUF value (4096). See the Readme file for details about applying the patch.

Available patches for Squid Guard version 1.3:

* Patch-20071117: Fixes a problem with the progress bar creating too much output when run in an cronjob or similar. See the Readme file for details about applying the patch.
* Patch-20080613: Fixes a problem with trailing dots in domain names. Relevant when running squid version 3.0 STABLE1 to at least STABLE5. See the Readme file and the advisory SG-2008-06-13 for details about applying the patch.
* Patch-20080714: Fixes two problems: The output of the progress bar went to squid which complained about that. Secondly, when an URL was requested, that ended with "://" squidGuard crashed. See the Readme file for details about applying the patch.
* Patch-20091015: Fixes a buffer overflow problem and prevents squidGuard from going into emergency mode when overlong URLs are encountered (they can be perfectly legal). See the Readme file for details about applying the patch.
* Patch-20091019: Fixes two bypass problems with URLs having a length closed to the defined MAX_BUF value (4096). See the Readme file for details about applying the patch.

In work for version 1.5:

* LDAP authentication based on ip addresses.
* Syslog support.
* Further enhancements and bug fixes.

Note: After the release of 1.5 there will be an interims release with no new features. It is necessary to tidy up the source code and this will be done as soon as 1.5 is final.

Shared by The News Daily
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Millsberry: Rules, Tips, Codes, Cheats and Millsberry Money Cheat

Millsberry is a virtual city run by General Mills as an integrated online environment and marketing tool. There are shops, homes, special events, and a gazette. New features are constantly being added. and today i want to share about Millsberry, ya Millsberry Rules, Answer, Tips, Codes, Cheats and Millsberry Money Cheat!.

Introduction Of Millsberry

Now I'm going to show you a video all about Millsberry.

Answer for Millsberry Science Competition

1.What is Mercury's most well-known feature? Caloris Basin
2.What is the point of the planet closest to the sun? Subsolar point
3.What planet is closest to Earth in size? Venus
4.What two moons orbit Mars? Phobos and Deimos
5.Saturn is famous for its_____. Set of over a thousand ring
6.Mercury's core is mostly made up of: Metal
7.A day on _____ is longer than the planet's year. Venus
8.On Mars, which polar cap is larger and colder? Northern
9.What is the cause of tremendous heat on Venus? The thick atmosphere and clouds
10.True or False: Mars has liquid water. False
11.Venus is named after the Roman goddess of _____. Love and Beauty
12.The reddish color of Mars comes from all the _____ in its soil. Iron
13.Jupiter is mostly made up of _____? Hydrogen and Helium
14.True or False: Jupiter has rings. True
15.True or false: Saturn rotates more quickly than Earth. True
16.Scientists think that Europa may have _____? An underground ocean
17.What planet has a density less than water? Saturn
18.Saturn takes _____ Earth years to orbit the sun. 29.5
19. What is Jupiter's most well-known feature? The Great Red Spot
20.The yellow bands on Saturn are formed by _____. Crystallized ammonia
21.Comets contain lots of _____. Ice
22._____ are often called "minor planets." Asteroids
23.The Great White Spot is a storm that lasts _____. A Month
24.What three planets rotate in the opposite direction of all the other planets? Venus, Uranus, and Pluto
25.The Milky Way is a _____ galaxy. Spiral
26.Comet tails are made mostly of _____. Gas
27.True or False: the Milky Way is the smallest galaxy in the Local Group. False
28.What is the closest planet to the sun? Mercury
29.When an asteroid is burning up in the Earth's atmosphere, it is called a _____. Meteor
30.A comet's tail points _____. Away from the sun
31.Our solar system is located in the Milky Way arm known as the _____ arm. Orion

Free Items in Millsberry

This guide is for newbies in millsberry.

Free Soccer Ball (once only!)
-Go to the Academy, Hallway, then Gym
-Click any of the soccer balls.
-Coach Danner tells you to have it to practice.

Free 4 surfboards (once only!)
-Play the game and finish three levels, You'll get them without sending your score, continue and get the trophy also without sending your score.

Free Sylvie the Sofa
-Play Wave Blaster and get a score of 1200+ and you'll get one.

Have fun getting them!

Powered by Poptropica and Millsberry.
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U.S. lawmakers press Afghanistan's Karzai on graft

Hi guys, today i want to share about U.S. lawmakers press Afghanistan's Karzai on graft!. Senior U.S. lawmakers pressed Afghanistan's president to do more to stop graft, but said on Monday that threats to pull U.S. aid over the issue would only hobble a war strategy that stands a good chance of success.

U.S. lawmakers press Afghanistan's Karzai on graft

Former U.S. presidential candidate and Republican senator John McCain and Democratic Senator Joseph Lieberman urged President Hamid Karzai at a private dinner to put more effort into battling the endemic corruption giving oxygen to a growing Taliban insurgency.

"I believe that there are still serious problems with corruption here, there are serious problems with contracting, and those we have discussed with the president and other members of the government, as well as our government," McCain told reporters at the end of a tour of the country's restive south.

"But I am convinced we can succeed and will succeed, and Kandahar is obviously the key area. If we succeed there, we will succeed in the rest of this struggle."

McCain, a former Vietnam prisoner of war, said he agreed with new U.S. and NATO forces commander General David Petraeus that the war in Afghanistan was at a make-or-break stage, with the Taliban at their strongest since their 2001 overthrow.

Petraeus took command of the nine-year fight at the weekend after his predecessor, General Stanley McChrystal, was dismissed and the U.S. Senate and the House of Representatives approved $33 billion in funding for a troop surge meant to turn the tide of the war.

The surge will bring to 150,000 the number of foreign troops in Afghanistan and entails tackling the Taliban in their southern strongholds while relying on Karzai to improve local governance ahead of a U.S. troop phase-down starting from July next year.

McCain, visiting the Afghan capital Kabul, again voiced reservations about setting a date for a U.S. withdrawal, arguing that President Barack Obama should not pull out troops until the country and government were stable.

He joined Lieberman and Republican senator Lindsey Graham in condemning a vote by a U.S. lower house panel last week to freeze almost $4 billion in aid funding to Afghanistan, blaming corruption concerns.

"That would be a very serious mistake and it won't happen. We have to tell the American people that there is a strategy in play that will succeed," McCain said.

The three lawmakers, speaking after separate talks with Petraeus and senior aides, said they were convinced the surge was well conceived and planned, but the already bloody fight against the Taliban would get worse as insurgents fought back.

More than 100 NATO troops died in June, the deadliest month since the war began, as NATO and Afghan forces intensified operations against the Taliban in the south.

Nearly 1,900 foreign troops have died in Afghanistan since the Taliban were overthrown in 2001.

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Obama, Israel's Netanyahu hold fence-mending talks

Hi guys, today i want to share about Obama, Israel's Netanyahu hold fence-mending talks!. President Barack Obama voiced hope in a fence-mending meeting on Tuesday with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu that direct Israeli-Palestinian talks would begin before a limited settlement moratorium ends in September.

Obama, Israel's Netanyahu hold fence-mending talks
President Barack Obama meets with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in the Oval Office at the White House in Washington, July 6, 2010. REUTERS/Kevin Lamarque

"We expect proximity talks to lead to direct talks," Obama said as he and Netanyahu appeared before reporters in the Oval Office. The joint appearance was intended to display warmer relations after ties reached a low point in March in a feud over Israeli settlement expansion.

Netanyahu echoed Obama, who said he hoped direct negotiations would get under way "well before" a 10-month Israeli freeze on new housing starts in West Bank settlements expires in September.

Netanyahu has called on Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas to meet him and move from the current U.S.-mediated "proximity talks" to face-to-face negotiations on Palestinian statehood.

It was "high time," Netanyahu said, to begin direct talks. Obama said he hoped confidence-building measures by both sides would help ease the way to such negotiations.

Palestinian leaders say the slow-moving indirect talks have not made enough progress to justify a return to direct negotiations suspended since late 2008.

A big question hanging over the fragile peace process is whether Netanyahu will extend the settlement expansion moratorium.

He agreed to the limited freeze only under pressure from Obama. Its extension could widen cracks in Netanyahu's governing coalition, dominated by pro-settler parties including his own.

It was a warmer White House welcome for Netanyahu than during his previous visit in March. As journalists filed into the Oval Office, the two leaders sat side-by-side, leaning toward each other, chatting and smiling.

In what was widely viewed as a snub, there was no photo-op for the Netanyahu at the March meeting amid U.S. anger over an announcement, during a visit to Israel by Vice President Joe Biden, of plans to build 1,600 more homes for Jews in Israeli-annexed East Jerusalem.

The rare chill in relations has thawed recently with Obama shifting to a gentler tone and Netanyahu offering conciliatory gestures, including easing Israel's Gaza blockade after a deadly raid on an aid flotilla on May 31.

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China denounces new unilateral U.S. sanctions on Iran

Hi guys, today i want to share about China denounces new unilateral U.S. sanctions on Iran!. China denounced the United States on Tuesday for imposing its own sanctions on Iran, saying Washington should not unilaterally take such steps outside of U.N. resolutions.

Last week, President Barack Obama signed into law far-reaching new sanctions on Iran that aim to squeeze the Islamic Republic's fuel imports and deepen its international isolation.

"China has already noted that the United States and other parties have unilaterally put in place further sanctions against Iran," Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang told a news briefing in Beijing.

"Not long ago, the U.N. Security Council approved resolution 1929," Qin said, referring to sanctions placed on Iran last month. "China believes that the Security Council resolution should fully, seriously and correctly be enforced and cannot be wilfully elaborated on to expand Security Council sanctions measures."

The U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate approved the new sanctions bill that penalizes companies supplying Iran with gasoline as well as international banks involved with Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

It came after the U.N. Security Council passed a resolution toughening sanctions on Iran over its refusal to stop enriching uranium.

Iran insists its nuclear programme is for the peaceful generation of electricity but the United States and other powers suspect it is a cover to build an atomic bomb.

Qin repeated that China believed talks were the best way to resolve the dispute over Iran's nuclear activities.

Iran is a major supplier of crude to China, the world's second-biggest consumer of oil after the United States, providing over 10 percent of imports last year.

Dominated by energy shipments, bilateral trade has grown from around $10 billion in 2005 to more than $20 billion last year.

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China says jailing of U.S. geologist its own affair

Hi guys, today i want to share about China says jailing of U.S. geologist its own affair!. China said on Tuesday the jailing of a U.S. geologist on charges of stealing state secrets, described by the United States as disappointing, was its own affair and other countries had no right to interfere.

Xue Feng, a 44-year-old U.S. citizen born in China, was detained late in 2007 after negotiating the sale of an oil industry database to his employer at the time, Colorado-based consultancy IHS Energy, now known as IHS Inc.

The U.S. Ambassador to China, Jon Huntsman, said he was disappointed by the eight-year sentence and that the prosecutor's case appeared "flimsy" and "opaque."

"This is a case that we have highlighted repeatedly at very senior levels of our government," he told Reuters.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Qin Gang said the sentencing was a domestic matter.

"China's judicial departments have handled this case strictly by the law. This is China's internal affair," Qin told a news briefing. "China's internal affairs and judicial sovereignty cannot be interfered with by foreign countries."

Xue was convicted of attempting to obtain and traffic in state secrets, a year after his trial ended, said the Duihua Foundation, which promotes prisoners' rights in China and the United States. The database was classified as a state secret only after it was sold, it added.

China's notoriously vague state secrets laws received international attention last year when Australian citizen Stern Hu and three colleagues working for mining giant Rio Tinto were detained for stealing state secrets during the course of tense iron ore negotiations.

The four were later convicted of the lesser charges of receiving kickbacks and stealing commercial secrets.

Huntsman said Washington would continue seeking Xue's immediate release, possibly on medical or humanitarian grounds.

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Sri Lanka hardliners protest U.N. war crimes probe

Hi guys, today i want to share about Sri Lanka hardliners protest U.N. war crimes probe!. Police on Tuesday clashed with protesters led by a Sri Lanka cabinet minister who vowed to besiege the U.N. office until Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon dissolves a panel advising him on possible war crimes.

Sri Lanka hardliners protest U.N. war crimes probe

Sri Lanka's government is furious at Ban's appointment of the three-member panel on June 22, saying it is a violation of its sovereignty and a hypocritical application of double standards by Western governments engaged in the war on terror.

The panel is to advise Ban if any crimes were committed in the final months of Sri Lanka's quarter-century conflict with the Tamil Tiger separatists, in which government forces won total victory in May 2009.

Engineering Services and Construction Minister Wimal Weerawansa, a firebrand nationalist ally of President Mahinda Rajapaksa, led several hundred people to the entrance of U.N. headquarters in the capital Colombo.

"We will hold a fast unto death until the withdrawal of Moon's panel," Weerawansa told the crowd of demonstrators, who had vowed to stop U.N. staff from leaving the premises.

The demonstrators chanted "Hands off U.N.!" and burned an effigy of Ban. A large sign in front of the U.N. headquarters read "Ban Ki-Pimp: U.S. puppet."

Later, police set up a cordon to allow U.N. staff to leave, and then began skirmishing with protesters. A former legislator allied to Weerawansa was struck and sent to hospital, as was a senior police inspector and at least six others.


Weerawansa had already threatened to hold U.N. staff hostage to force the panel's dissolution, but the government swiftly said it was not Sri Lanka's official position. [nN30256740]

After police intervened, Weerawansa made a call on his mobile phone, a Reuters reporter said. The call was to Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, the president's brother who also oversees the police, Weerawansa spokesman Mohammed Mussamil said.

Weerawansa passed the phone to the commanding officer who answered: "The inspector general of police ordered me to do this, sir." Moments later, he ordered his men back and the demonstrators erupted in cheers.

The United Nations said it respected the right of citizens to demonstrate peacefully but considered any hindrance to its staff's movement as a serious concern, spokesman Farhan Haq told reporters at a briefing in New York.

"The government has provided assurances for the safety and security of our staff and for their full access to their offices. We will be closely monitoring developments and trust that these commitments will be honored," Haq said.

Sri Lanka views Ban's panel as an unnecessary affront to its sovereignty, given it has its own commission investigating rights violations. However, Sri Lanka has a four-decade history of commissions tasked with probing abuses that have produced little.

Sri Lanka is under pressure from the West, after rights watchdogs took advantage of the anniversary of the war's end to renew a push for an international probe into what they say are tens of thousands of civilian deaths.

The government denies soldiers committed any crimes, and says the casualty numbers are hugely inflated by Tiger supporters who live in the West as refugees and fear they will lose that status now that the war is over.

It is also furious that its fight against a group on U.S. and EU terrorism lists for suicide bombings and the use of child soldiers is under scrutiny while none is given to the thousands killed by U.S. forces in Iraq, Afghanistan and Pakistan.

Sri Lanka on Tuesday dismissed the European Union's withdrawal of a trade preference, worth about 100 million euros ($125.4 million) annually, after it refused to make written pledges to improve its human rights record.

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South African Semenya cleared to return

Hi guys, today i want to share about South African Semenya cleared to return!. South African world 800 meters champion Caster Semenya was cleared Tuesday to compete as a woman, nearly a year after controversial gender tests put her career on hold.

South African Semenya cleared to return
Caster Semenya of South Africa celebrates after winning the women's 800 metres final during the world athletics championships at the Olympic stadium in Berlin August 19, 2009. REUTERS/Michael Dalder

Semenya, 19, has not run competitively since undergoing tests at the Berlin world championships in August.

"I am thrilled to enter the global athletics arena once again and look forward to competing with all the disputes behind me," Semenya said in a statement released by her lawyers.

The International Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF) said it accepted the findings of an expert medical panel.

"The IAAF accepts the conclusion of a panel of medical experts that she can compete with immediate effect," the sport's ruling body said in a statement.

Lawyers acting for Semenya said the decision to allow her to compete came after a "landmark settlement" between the IAAF and the athlete.

Semenya's lawyer Greg Nott said details of the settlement would remain confidential.

"Our direct negotiations with the IAAF representatives, through the mediator, have been ongoing for 10 months," he said.

"Meetings have been held in Monaco, Istanbul and Paris, but due to the nature of the matter the parties resolved to keep the negotiations confidential."

Semenya's return to competitive athletics was delayed after her comeback event in Zaragoza, Spain was canceled in May.

Athletics South Africa spokesman Richard Stander said the body could not immediately comment.

"We cannot comment now because we have just been made aware of the decision," he said.

ASA had made it clear that Semenya was not banned from competition but said she must wait for the results of her tests from the IAAF.

Semenya sprung to prominence last year with her rapid improvement over 800 meters. Her winning time in Berlin of one minute 55.45 seconds was the fastest of 2009.

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UK to probe accusations of complicity in torture

Hi guys, today i want to share about UK to probe accusations of complicity in torture. Britain will investigate whether its security services knew about the torture of terrorism suspects on foreign soil and may compensate some detainees, Prime Minister David Cameron said on Tuesday.

Several Britons of Pakistani descent say they were abused in custody in Pakistan with British complicity. There have also been complaints of mistreatment from those held in the U.S. prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

British authorities say they would never use, or encourage others to use, torture to gain information, but Cameron said something had to be done to restore Britain's moral standing.

"While there is no evidence that any British officer was directly engaged in the aftermath of 9/11, there are questions over the degree to which British officers were working with foreign security services who were treating detainees in ways they should not have," Cameron told parliament.

"We all believe it is time to clear up this matter once and for all."

An independent inquiry, led by a judge and focused purely on British activities, is expected to begin work before the end of the year, once related criminal investigations and civil law suits have been dealt with.

Detainees have brought two criminal cases and 12 civil cases before British courts. Cameron said the government would mediate with, and possibly compensate, those who had made claims about their detention at Guantanamo Bay.


The inquiry, which will not be held entirely in public because some of the evidence likely to be requested is sensitive, will be led by Commissioner for the Intelligence Services and former appeal court judge Sir Peter Gibson.

Intelligence material and any testimony given by security service officers will remain secret.

"I am confident the inquiry will reach an authoritative view on the actions of the state and our services -- and proper recommendations for the future," Cameron said.

Cameron, who heads a Conservative-Liberal Democrat coalition government formed in May, also wants to clarify how courts deal with intelligence information that security agents may need to disclose to defend themselves.

The previous Labour government lost a legal battle earlier this year to prevent the disclosure of U.S. intelligence material relating to allegations of abuse by CIA agents.

Judges disclosed information given to Britain's domestic spy agency by the CIA that Binyam Mohamed, an Ethiopian citizen and UK resident who is fighting to prove he was tortured and that Britain knew about it, had been mistreated in U.S. custody.

Cameron said there were now doubts about whether Britain's spies had the trust of their allies.

"This has strained some of our oldest and most important security partnerships in the world -- in particular that with America," he said.

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Viagra-popping seniors lead the pack for STDs

Hi guys, today i want to share about Viagra-popping seniors lead the pack for STDs!. Even if you're past your prime and have a hard time getting an erection, you might still need to worry about unprotected sex, according to U.S. doctors.

Viagra-popping seniors lead the pack for STDs
A box of Viagra, typically used to treat erectile dysfunction, is seen in a pharmacy in Toronto January 31, 2008. REUTERS/Mark Blinch

In fact, they report in the Annals of Internal Medicine, the rate of sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) in older men taking erectile dysfunction drugs like Viagra is twice as high as in their non-medicated peers.

In both groups, however, the numbers are swelling. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there were more than six new cases of STDs per 10,000 men over 40 in 2008, up almost 50 percent since 1996.

"Younger adults have far more STDs than older adults, but the rates are growing at far higher rates in older adults," said Dr. Anupam B. Jena of Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston, who led the study.

While the reasons for this development aren't well understood, he said more divorces and better health might have conspired to boost sexual prowess and activity among graying heads.

The problem, however, is that older adults appear to flaunt safe sex practices. For instance, the researchers note, 50-year-olds are six times less likely to use a condom than men in their 20s.

"We are typically unaccustomed to practice safe sex over the age of 50, because the risk of pregnancy is eliminated," Jena told Reuters Health.

To test whether the introduction of Viagra in 1998 might explain some of the STD surge, Jena and colleagues examined insurance records for more than 1.4 million U.S. men over 40. The average age in the study was about 60 years.

The most commonly found STD was HIV, followed by chlamydia, syphilis and gonorrhea.

Among the few percent of men who had filled prescriptions for erectile dysfunction drugs, more than two in a thousand had been treated for an STD in the year before they got the drug.

A year later, the number dropped to half that, suggesting that Viagra and its chemical cousins didn't fuel STDs.

However, the risk of contracting an STD turned out to be more than twice as high in men taking erectile dysfunction drugs compared with those who didn't.

"These users have a different sexual risk profile than non-users," said Jena, adding that the data didn't reveal any good explanation.

In an editorial, Dr. Thomas Fekete, of Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia, noted that it would have been valuable to know more about the frequency of sexual encounters, sexual partners and orientation.

He added that prevention strategies should still be directed at younger age groups, whose STD risk is at least 10 times higher than in middle-aged and older adults.

Still, he said, the authors remind us "that men older than 40 years remain sexually active, even if they need chemical assistance to do so. This study also serves as a reminder that sex after age 40 years is not necessarily safe."

Jena recommended that doctors take a few minutes to discuss safe sex with older men when they prescribe Viagra.

His advice? "Look, just realize that you are at higher risk for STDs, and try to be careful like you used to be 30 years ago."

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Obama admin, to sue over Arizona immigration law

WASHINGTON, July 6, 2010 - Hi guys, today i want to share about Obama admin, to sue over Arizona immigration law!, The Obama administration is expected to sue the state of Arizona as early as Tuesday over its new, strict immigration law, two administration officials familiar with the plans said.

The controversial law, which goes into effect on July 29, requires state and local police to investigate the immigration status of anyone they reasonably suspect of being an illegal immigrant, provoking criticism that it is unconstitutional.

The Republican-controlled Arizona legislature passed the law to try to stem the flood of thousands of illegal immigrants who cross its border from Mexico each month and to cut down on drug trafficking and other crimes in the area.

The lawsuit is part of a broader approach by President Barack Obama to deal with the 10.8 million illegal immigrants believed to be in the country. Last week, he called for Republicans to work with him on a federal law to further stem the flood of illegal crossings into the United States.

The legal fight also comes at a critical juncture, four months ahead of the mid-term congressional elections and the Hispanic community has been a major voting bloc that typically has sided with Democrats but Republicans have tried to woo.

The officials said the lawsuit was expected later on Tuesday but declined to give further details.

A Justice Department spokeswoman declined to comment.


Administration officials and critics have condemned the law, raising questions about whether it was constitutional and could lead to racial profiling and broaden a rift with Hispanics, a rapidly growing population in the United States.

President Barack Obama has warned that the Arizona law could lead to a patchwork of different laws passed by the various U.S. states and said that the matter should be resolved at the federal level by Congress.

Last week he gave his first major speech on immigration reform since taking office, calling for both political sides to join together to pass a comprehensive measure, but it has largely been overshadowed by the economic crisis and the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.

"Reform that brings accountability to our immigration system cannot pass without Republican votes. That is the political and mathematical reality," Obama said.

Obama has backed allowing undocumented immigrants in good standing to pay a fine, learn English and become citizens. He also has supported tightening border security and clamping down on employers that hire undocumented workers.

But opposing Republicans have said that border security must be significantly improved before dealing with the millions of illegal immigrants, many of them Hispanics, in the country.

Mexico and several civil liberties groups have opposed the Arizona measure, and several other legal challenges are pending in federal court in the state.

Obama has pledged to spend an extra $600 million and send up to 1,200 National Guard troops to the U.S.-Mexican border to tighten security, however the initial steps to do so have been criticized as too little to address the problem.

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Poptropica Steamworks Island and Fireworks

Hi guys, today i want to share about Poptropica Steamworks Island and Fireworks!. There are two big pieces of news this weekend on Poptropica. The first is that the official name for the new island that’s coming soon is Steamworks Island. The Creators posted about it on Friday in the main Poptropica blog. We don’t know much about it yet but there have been many posts with sneak peeks and screenshots with a few things that will appear on the island. The Creators didn’t say when it will be released but it will probably come out in early access for paid members very soon.

The second piece of news is that there are two new items in the Poptropica Store that you can buy in time for the Fourth of July holiday. The first one is Fireworks. When you buy these and put them on then you will carry one around. Then you press the spacebar to shoot it off into the sky. Do it where it’s night like on Spy Island or at the Pirate island in Skullduggery for the best effects. There’s another item also in the Poptropica store called Atomic Power. It makes you glow green with little green and yellow balls swirling around you. If you press the space bar, then you “explode” with a big green circle and any Poptropica citizens nearby also turn green.

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Poptropica New Island Has Awesome Stuff

Hi guys, today i want to share about Poptropica New Island Has Awesome Stuff. Hello there Poptropica Fans. I’ve been reading the Poptropica Blog this week and guess what? There’s going to be a brand-new island coming out soon. The creators are posting sketches and images all week and they look really awesome. So far here is what we’ve seen:

* Something called a multi-tool. It does stuff. Lots of different stuff.
* Dynomite. Maybe we get to blow stuff up!
* A vicious plant monster. Ewww.
* A rusty robot. He looks pretty cute.

The Multi Tool Looks Cool.

Except for the plant, it looks like most of the island is very mechanical. The creators said the multi-tool would be used for a lot of things, so maybe part of your quest is to fix a lot of machines on the island that have broken down and need repair. We won’t know for sure until the island is released. I hope they announce the dates on Friday when they reveal the island’s name!

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Poptropica Surfing Costumes

Hi guys, today i want to share about Poptropica Surfing Costumes. Seen a lot of Poptropicans carrying surfboards in the Multiverse rooms? There are some new surfing costumes that you can purchase in the Poptropica store for credits or get for free if you’re a member. There’s one new outfit but it comes with three different versions. There’s a different version for each of the major gods in Mythology Island: Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades. The coolest part about the new costume that it comes with a big surfboard, making it perfect for a summer-time beach party or just for hanging out in one of the multi-player rooms in Poptropica.

I’m wearing the Hades version of the new outfit now. It looks awesome!

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Skullduggery Island is Here for Members

Hi guys, today i want to share about poptropica Skullduggery Island is Here for Members, if you searches about poptropica Skullduggery Island is Here for Members, You must read this!. Paid members in Poptropica now have early access to Skullduggery Island. This brand-new island is about a mean pirate named Captain Crawfish who has terrorized a small island. You need to help the islanders by finding an old buried treasure that will help them rebuild their damaged island. Along the way, you’ll adventure on the oceans, sail from port to port, battle sea monsters and pirate ships, assemble your crew and then finally battle with Captain Crawfish himself!

Skullduggery Island is Here for Members
Finishing Skullduggery Island in Poptropica

Skullduggery Island is a lot of fun and takes much longer to play than any of the other Poptropica Islands. In order to take on Crawfish, you have to get a warship and that costs one million doubloons, which means you need to do a lot of trading from port to port. The good news is that is easy to do but it takes a lot of time.

I think the hardest part was to find the five pieces of the map. Each piece is hidden on one of the different islands and they can be tricky to find. I will post a complete step-by-step guide to Skullduggery along with trading tips very soon, but in the meantime, take a look at this Skullduggery Island walkthrough if you’re stuck.

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Poptropica Cheats for Mythology Island

Hi guys, today i want to share about Poptropica Cheats for Mythology Island, if you searches about Poptropica Cheats for Mythology Island, You must read this!. Have you played Mythology Island yet? Probably! If you’ve tried it out already then you know it can be pretty tough. Especially those red-eye snakes in the Labyrinth with the Minotaur. And the final battle with Zeus is very hard. Well, here is a good step-by-step walkthrough to help you with all the tough parts of Mythology Island.

Mythology Island is the latest island in Poptropica to be released in the game. The storyline of Mythology Island is that Zeus has given you a quest to retrieve several important and very valuable items that are scattered throughout the island. To retrieve all the items, you’ll need to visit different realms and defeat different creatures and monsters.

Mythology Island Walkthrough Step-by-Step

* Enter the adventure at Olympus Village Main Street and go into the Museum of Olympus. Once you walk inside the museum, you’ll see a short story about the gods and how they defeated the Titans. And you can see all the statues of the gods in here too. At the statue of Poseidon, take the Starfish from its face.
* Go right to the Grove of Temples, and enter the Temple of the Muses. Run all the way to the right and get one of the free pipe. Then go click on the statue of the muse who is holding a reed pipe and she will teach you a song.
* Now walk outside and return to Main Street. Then go further left and you’ll get to a new area which is the base of a tree. Next jump up on the white marble staircase and continue up into the big tree.

Poptropica Cheats for Mythology Island
Up in a tree with a Satyr

* To go up the tree you need to climb on the snakes and leap through the branches. You’ll find a satyr in the upper-right corner. Talk to him and he’ll ask you to collect honey for him. Collect 10 of the honey pots in 60 seconds and he will show you the way to the Golden Apple.
* Zeus angrily appears, but offers you immortality if you retrieve 5 sacred items for him from the realms of creatures and gods. The items you need to find are listed on a scroll that Zeus leaves on the tree. The items you must obtain are the ring from the nose of the Minotaur, a flower from the garden of the Sphinx, a scale from the Hydra, a giant pearl, and one of Cerberus’ whiskers.
* Leaving the tree, you meet the goddess Athena, Zeus’s daughter, who warns you that Zeus may have secret motives. She arranges for you to use the olive trees as a source of information.
* Next go left and over the bridge. You’ll arrive in the Garden of the Sphinx. The next part is to get the water in the aqueduct to flow to the dying flower by using the switches and gates up above you. When you’re done, collect the flower, which is your first item. While you’re here, jump up above the Sphinx and get the pomegranates from the tree.
* Now walk to the left and you’ll see a sign for the minotaur’s cave. Use your reed pipe to play the notes shown on the door. The order is blue, blue, green, yellow, yellow, red, blue, green.
* Go in and speak to the Minotaur, and enter his Cave Maze. Athena gives you a glowing thread to keep you from getting lost. Head for the weapons displays to keep on track. At the Pan bones, remove the bones so that the remaining ones spell out the letters TEN. Continue along and leap over the scorpion in your way. You’ll arrive at a doorway, go through to get to the snake puzzle To do this puzzle, you need to click on the red-eye snake whenever it appears. He disappears really quick, so this one is tough.
* When you finish the maze, speak with the Minotaur and he will give you his ring. Then return to Main Street. Keep moving to the right and enter the Grove of Temples. Run past the Temple of the Muses and you’ll soon arrive at the temples of Hades which is down below and Poseidon over to the right. You can play these in either order, but Poseidon first is easier.
* Go inside Poseidon’s temple and put the starfish you got earlier onto the altar.
* Go through and cross the beach to meet Aphrodite, Athena’s sister goddess. Pass her test to get a magic mirror that allows speedy travel throughout the realm. The answers to the quiz, in order, are: Ares, Hermes, Aphrodite, Artemis, and Hestia.
* Swim out in the water to the statue and then dive down underwater. You can use the bubbles in the water for additional air. The way you want to go is across the top, down the right, and then left on the bottom. Soon you’ll get to the entrance to the Hydra’s lair. Before you go into it, get the giant pearl inside the clam that’s above and to the right of the cave entrance.
* Battle the Hydra: when each head snaps out to you, jump up and land on top of it. After you knock out all of the Hydra’s heads, you can get the scale. Exit using the mirror to reach Aphrodite heart symbol, and walk back right to go to Hades.
* At the realm of Hades, earn a drachma from the worker by cleaning all the graffiti off the outside of the building.

Poptropica Cheats for Mythology Island
Outside the temple of Hades

* Go inside the temple and place the pomegranates on the temple, which is over to the right. A door will open. Jump right into the chasm to reach the River Styx.
* While riding in the ferry, you need to watch out for all the obstacles that come at you. A great tip to avoid them is to stand where Charon is. You still need to duck under the flaming skull and jump over the monster in the river, but the falling stalactite will miss you each time.
* You’ll land on the other shore and here is Cerebus guarding the place. Play the song you learned from the Muse on your reed pipe. The notes are blue, green, yellow, blue, red, green. Now that Cerberus has fallen asleep, you can take the whisker from him. There’s a large rock here but ignore it for now because you cannot move it yet. Now you can return to the Gate of Olympus on Main Street with the help of the mirror.
* Congratulations! You now have all five of the items for your quest. Go back to the Tree Base to the left and Athena will help you reveal the secret message they contain. Now Zeus arrives and he betrays you. He takes all of the items you found for himself and reveals that by midnight, all of Poptropica will fall under his rule. Athena tells you to speak with Hercules for help. He agrees and you go to the Hades throne room using the mirror.
* Hercules will move the giant boulder and wait outside. Speak with Hades and he will give you his crown, which will help you defeat Zeus.
* Next, use the magic mirror to go to Poseidon’s kingdom. Underwater, Hercules opens the rock passage to the Throne Room, and Poseidon gives you his trident.
* The next step is to use the mirror one more time to travel to the gates to Olympus on Main Street. The gates are locked, but that’s no problem for the powerful Hercules.
* Hercules will travel with you to Olympus but he is stopped by the Medusa who appears and turns him into stone.
* Using the drachma that you earned from cleaning up the temple to buy a bag of wind from Aeolus at the base of the mountain. Use the bag of wind to get onto the mountain and then climb and jump your way to the very top, where you’ll see Zeus’ throne. Next, light the four statues to summon Zeus and take him on in an epic fight.
* The Hades crown and Poseidon’s trident allow you to fly about as you and Zeus trade thunderbolt attacks. Each time you hit Zeus, his health meter goes down a little bit. Whenever you get struck by a thunderbolt from Zeus, you lose one of your pink clouds that keep you flying. Don’t lose all of your clouds or Zeus will be triumphant and you will need to battle him again. An important part of the battle with Zeus is to keep gathering more clouds during the fight.
* Part-way into the battle, Zeus will start to glow and throw spinning white balls of energy. You need to watch out for these too. Also, when he is glowing you cannot hit him, so this is a good time back up and collect clouds.
* It may take a while, but if you keep at it, you will defeat Zeus. After losing, Zeus gives you back the items from your quest. Athena shows up too and presents you with your island medallion. Congratulations, you have completed Mythology Island!

Once you have beaten Zeus, some things can’t be done anymore, like the Hydra. You can return to the realms of Poseidon and Hades, as well as many of the other areas. Poor Hercules remains a statue forever, so if you want his costume, make sure you costumize him before you encounter the Medusa.

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Hi guys, today i want to share All about poptropica online games, if you searches about poptropica online game, You must read this!. Poptropica has another new island adventure and its name is Skullduggery Island. Paid subscribers have had access since May, and the general public can play starting on June 17, which is this coming Thursday!

The biggest thing about Skullduggery is that it is much different than previous islands on Poptropica. In addition to solving mysteries and quests, you must sail from port to port trading cargo to earn doubloons and upgrade your ship. So it takes a lot longer to play than most other islands. It is the longest and most in-depth island in Poptropica.

The Walkthrough for Skullduggery Island

When you arrive by balloon, you’ll be in Fort Ridley, which is where the first part of Skullduggery Island takes place. In the Fort Ridley part of the mission, you need to assist the villagers who’ve been regularly assaulted by Captain Crawfish, a dreadful and notorious pirate. After you finish this part, you will get your very first sailing ship and can discover a few more islands.

Travel down Main Street to the right and cross the covered bridge. On the far side, climb down into the stream and go left to get the Doubloon from the sand.

Return over the bridge to the Main Street area and then go inside the General Store where you’ll find a woman inside. Click on the doubloon in your backpack and use it to buy a bag of chicken feed. Over the the right of the store, you’ll spot a bunch of shelves. On the top is a broken mirror and you’ll need to jump up and get it.

Give the feed to the boy with the chickens. He’ll be so delighted that he can feed his chickens now that he will give you one of them as thanks for the feed.

Now go over the bridge to the right and you’ll arrive at a corn field with a farmer outside. He’ll say that the pests are eating all the corn and he can’t feed his family. Find the chicken in your backpack and use it. The chicken will start to eat the bugs that are attacking the corn and the farmer will give you a blue candle as a present.

Go up the hill and run past the house on the top and go back down to the ocean below. You’ll see a woman there. Talk to her and she will tell you about her husband who has been lost at sea.

Next go back up the hill and enter the Governor’s house. There are two men over by the fireplace on the right. Speak to them and use the blue candle from your backpack to make the invisible parts of the document appear. The guy on the left tells you to find the map pieces and chase away Captain Crawfish. He says he’ll give you the final key to uncover the treasure once you do that.

Now leave the mansion and run all the way to the left to where the fort tower is. Go up to the top and use the telescope up there. Move it around until you see a small raft on the horizon. Click on the broken mirror in the lower-left corner to send a signal to the raft and it will come to the dock.

A man will walk out onto the pier to meet you. He is the husband of the woman you talked to near the ocean. He offers up his broken-down ship to you and wishes you luck on your adventure.

Embark on your ship and sail to the small island in the upper-left corner of the map. As you move from place to place in your boat, try to stay far away from sea creatures, pirate ships, and thunder clouds because they will all damage your ship. If you see salvage floating in the water, try to get it for extra doubloons and goods.

You’ll soon arrive at Dragon Cove. Click on the dock and disembark. To find the map piece, go to the water’s edge and stand on the sunken statue to reveal a Mallet. Push the crate with the fisherman sitting on top of it to the right as far as it will go and then use the mallet you just found while you stand next to the gong. The sound of the gong will make the fish jump out of the water and onto the fisherman’s hook. He will give you a piece of the map which he found in the fish’s mouth. You cannot immediately afford a new ship, or the services of the Shipwright, who can repair damage while underway. New ships and the crewmembers are pretty expensive and you’ll need to do a lot of trading between the islands before you can start upgrading. Go up to the trading post and sell any spice you have and buy silk.

Sail to Bouffant Bay, to the right, again avoiding pirates and creatures but picking up salvage from the water.

The guy here when you arrive on the boat dock will give you a small hint concerning the hidden map piece on this island. Walk a bit over to the right and go to the Trading Post, where you will want to sell whatever silk you have. This trading post sells Medicine at a very cheap price so buy as much as you can while you are here. And the next thing to do here is to find the hidden map piece. First, walk over to the right and you’ll arrive at a house with hanging baskets of ferns outside. Jump up and touch the one on the right, then the one on the left, and finally the one in the middle. Once that is done, you’ll find the hidden map piece. One of the buildings here, called Willard’s Warhouse, holds the Cargo Master and having him on board your ship means you can carry fifty percent more cargo. You probably can’t afford to hire him right now. Don’t forget to make sure you bought the Medicine cargo from the trading post because you’ll want to sell it at the next port.
Bouffant Bay in Poptropica

Hanging out in Bouffant Bay in Poptropica Skullduggery Island

Sail to Parrot Port, directly below. Sell your salvage and cargo, but there is no cargo to cheaply purchase here. In Petey’s Pirate Pub is the Navigator, who can increase your sailing speed if you hire her. At upper left is a Cracker. Leave the pub and go back to the Trading Post, where you’ll see a parrot. It will tell you to dunk yourself in the sea and come back to find it. Go back to your boat and swim in the ocean, then find the parrot on the window sill of one of the buildings above the Trading Post. The parrot will tell you to clog the vent and he’s talking about a chimney on top of one of the other buildings over to the right. Go stand on that chimney to stop the smoke from coming out. You can find the parrot in the palm tree over to the right. He tells you to go to the old tower and find a pirate that he knows. Go to him, then locate the parrot atop the buildings you may have to dunk yourself and do the chimney again. Use the cracker to lure him back to the tower, where the pirate gives you the map piece.

The next stop is Golden Harbor, which is the island in the lower-right corner of the map. It’s surrounded by treacherous rocks so be careful when you go and pick up any salvage you can along the way. When you go inside the bank, you can borrow doubloons which let you buy more cargo for trading and earn money quickly. You can obtain a loan of doubloons from the back that costs 5% interest each day days go by each time you sail to a new port and you have to repay the loan within 20 days. There’s also a hidden map piece in Golden Harbor and you get it by turning on three of the street lanterns in a specific pattern. The correct order to light the lanterns is to get the fifth one first, then the third one, then the fourth and followed by the second and first. The map piece will then fall down from the archway. Once you have the map piece, go to the trading post and buy up as much grain as you can fit in your cargo hold.

Now, get back in your ship and sail West until you arrive at the Pirate Outpost. Sell your grain and buy Spice, which is cheap here. Go all the way up to the top of the island and you’ll find a small building with a sign that says Corsair Cannonry. In the cannon shack is the Cannoneer, who you may wish to hire later. At the top of the mast is a “cannon starter kit” fuses, which will fire any of the four cannons on the outpost. Now go down to the left and you’ll see a barrel with a sign that says, “Danger – Explosive.” Push this barrel off the platform and let it drop all the way down to the water below you. Leap off the platform and land next to the barrel in the water below. Push the barrel to the right and place it directly underneath the gold tooth in the big skull statue. Go back to the cannon that was near where the barrel fell from the platform and click on it to fire. The cannonball will hit the barrel of explosives, which will blow up. The explosion will shake the gold tooth and the hidden map piece will fall out.
The Repeating Trading Route

Next, start following a repeating trade route by returning to Dragon Cove to sell your spice. Now you have established a clockwise route of trade that will help you to build your wealth over time and buy larger ships and more cargo, and eventually hire some or all of the four helpful skilled crewmen. Follow this route for the most efficient way to build doubloons:

1. Dragon Cove
2. Bouffant Bay
3. Parrot Port
4. Golden Harbor
5. Pirate Outpost

Fighting pirate ships in Skullduggery Island

Taking on Captain Crawfish

When you have the biggest and most powerful kind of boat, the Phoenix Warbird, and the skilled Cannoneer, you are more than a match for any ship, even Captain Crawfish. When you’re ready to fight Captain Crawfish, sail down to Skullduggery Island in the lower left section of the map and he’ll turn up for battle. When he is defeated, return to the Governor’s house at Fort Ridley. The governor gives you a bone shovel, which you need to dig up treasure, and he shows you exactly where to find it on Skullduggery Island.

Sail down to Skullduggery Island and dock there. Walk six paces to the right of the flag and use the bone shovel to dig in that spot. Once you have dug uo the treasure, Captain Crawfish re-appears with his crew, including the Governor’s aide who turns out to be working with Crawfish!

There’s no fight here, however. Your trusty crew arrives on your ship and defeats Captain Crawfish and his band of pirates. You return to Fort Ridley with the treasure and the Governor gives you the Island Medallion as a reward.

Congratulations! You’ve finally finished and beaten Skullduggery Island on Poptropica.

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